chopper2The ‘Lil Chopper Shop from Oklahoma City Takes 2nd Place in Dallas

The ‘Lil Chopper Shop from Oklahoma City, Brass Balls Bobbers and Choppers, headed South for the 2011 edition of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show in Dallas, Texas. The speed freak that runs heard on his group of caffeine-addled builders is Dar Holdsworth.

Dar decided to build something that represents the true-spirit of the Chopper lifestyle and see how it would compete with bikes that cost 2 to 4 times as much. What he came up with is a sano chop that shows all of the metal work on the tins with a light candy blue that provides color. He topped it off with a bold filigree that highlights the firms’ sponsor Foremost. In addition, he nickel plated the frame and played with contrasting colors in the Crazy Horse Engine and D&D Bob Cat pipe.

How did his concept work? Holdsworth took 2nd place in the FreeStyle class, the most competitive class in the 4 class series.

Asked how he felt after collecting his award he said, “I am truly blessed to be working with some of the best American manufacturers and engineers in America.” “ I want to give a shout out to my team in Oklahoma as well as Evil Engineering, Accel, Crazy Horse, D&D Performance Enterprises, Ride Wright Wheels, Crime Scene Chopper lights and Wire-Plus.”

To get your bike into the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, logon to www.ultimatebuilderbikeshow.com.chopper-eng