After too many requests to ignore, we are pleased to announce the availability of rollers and kits.

Darwin Motorcycles’ customers are unique. We are very aware that a basic kit is not for everyone. We are also sensitive to how the economy has put the squeeze on so many good people.

We are directly addressing our customers’ desire for individuality & customization, while helping them with their cash flow.

Brass Balls Cycles Kits are customizable and are offered in a new and uniquely different way.

We are selling groupings of components for bikes in “Phases”.

Is the customer who builds their bike at home going to build it all in one shot? Unlikely. So why should they have to buy it all in one shot?

We have developed 5 different “Phases” whereby the customer can purchase the components as they go, making it easier to manage financially, while not compromising on the quality of the components they get for their bike. This is also good for the customer who might already have a certain grouping of components, but needs everything else. They can purchase only the phases they want or needclip_image002.

We are offering top quality, primarily American Made components. All the components we use to build our bikes at Darwin Motorcycles are available in the Brass Balls Cycles Kit Phases.

We are also offering some price sensitive components not available on our production bikes. Budget conscious pricing, good quality and mostly American made. Those are the following:

Kraft Tech / Brass Balls frame: Same stance, rake & trail as our Racing Innovations frame, but with a different make up. Starting with 1-1/4” tubing, strait down tubes, removable tranny plate for those wanting to use 4 speeds, and featuring “3Guyz Customs” axle adjuster plates. Our Racing Innovations frames features a 1” x .156” tubing wishbone frame with a Darwin Motorcycles logo gusset and solid tranny plate. All frames are TIG welded and made in the USA.

Ultima Motors: Made in Missouri, they are a quality motor at a competitive price. Of course we proudly offer S&S motors and Baker transmissions & primarys, found on our no-compromise production bikes. All these power-trains are American, built by Americans. We must disclose that the Ultima trannys & primarys are not made in America.

Additionally, some standard leading brand components included in the Brass Balls Cycles Kit Phases are:

3Guyz Customs Springer Front End

Wilwood 4 piston caliper brakes

Excel Billet Foot Controls

Jay Brake Hand Controls

Cycle Electric, Stator, Rotor & Regulator

Wire Plus, Brass Balls Wire Harness

Ride Wright Wheels w/ Metzler Tires

Brass Balls Perfect Seat Pan

D&D Exhaust

Motion Pro cables

Braille Battery

Spectro Oils

Each Phase is customizable. Using an a-la-carte style of customization similar to what is used by our customers buying bikes from us. Our kit customer can pick and choose from a large variety of components.

High quality, Flexibility, and Customization.

Go to http://BrassBallsCycles.com

Select “Kits/Rollers”

Select the “Phase” you want, then customize and submit.

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