buildoffWell, last night we got to see what the 3 “Builders” built, as I am not so sure you can call them all Builders.  I will say that I was wondering just what Paul Sr, was going to try to come up with but that 3 wheeled thing come on really…… Then you have Paul Jr, and he has complete free reign on his design and he can’t even have enough guts enough to just build something that he has come up with in his head he has to have “Inspiration” by bringing a plane in,Really….. You can’t even come up with something without having something for inspiration.  Why did he have to go with a “Theme” bike, why not try something that is completely different than what you normally do. But hey it’s not me. Then you have Jesse James and he builds damn near the complete bike himself, the entire Frame and all then he admits that he got in over his head and asks for help.  I don’t see how it was even fair to say that Paul Sr. built that bike I think he as only around when they got it done to ride it and that was it. I hardly ever seen him lay a finger on it. Some will say that what Jesse built isn’t that great but if you really stop and look at it and if you were to actually ride it you would see that it is a true bike. He said it best last night “ I don’t build theme bikes I stick to the Motorcycle theme” . 30028_86e0722

The sad part of all of this is that I think it is truly only going to be a popularity contest and Jesse doesn’t get much for that because of all of the negative in his past, People are going to vote only on what someone is about and not what it is supposed to be about, which is a Bike Build off.  I think that they should have made it that they had to ride them to Vegas, then that would have been the true test of a Bike. I mean sure it can look cool sitting still but is it going to hold up to riding. I don’t think the bike that Jr built is would hold up. It’s a “Pretty” bike. Then Sr. I know that thing cannot be street legal so that totally rules him out, but I guess when you know that you are going to lose then why not have fun. That is pretty much what they did. pjd-occ-final-bikes-last-slide

So in my honest opinion I think that even with all of this it was a publicity stunt for Discovery just to amp everything up.

So go vote for the Bike you think should win. I hope that I am wrong and this isn’t just a popularity contest but I am afraid that it is.

Then watch tonight at 9pm for the revel of the winner!