imagesWhen it comes to motorcycle insurance it can be somewhat difficult. There are some companies that don’t insure motorcycles at all. Then there are the companies that don’t insure custom or customized motorcycles.

The amount of insurance you should have is the amount that the motorcycle is worth.

There is a difference between standard motorcycle insurance and custom motorcycle insurance. What they mean by standard is a policy that is designed to cover street bikes, and it often only covers replacement costs, and loss of transportation. A good place to check the value of a street bike is Kelley Blue Book.

Now when it comes to custom motorcycles this can be tricky, because what some people would value a custom motorcycle at may be different that another. When you are talking a 2003 Fat Daddy, or a bike you have had custom built, there are only so many places you can find the value of these bikes and insurance for them. Having insurance that covers a custom or classic motorcycle is vital.

Start looking online and get quotes from some companies and see what they have to offer. Another thing to do is to ask people that you know what insurance they then you can get quotes.

This is a list of some of the things that are important that the company offers

  • custom motorcycle coverage – this is most important
    * replacement cost coverage – even though it may include customization
    * replacement of the same essential bike and its added accessories
    * coverage for any passenger
    * coverage for any sidecar
    * liability up to at least $50,000
    * collision
    * theft
    * vandalism
    * coverage for uninsured or under-insured drivers

Well I would like to hear from some people on who they have insurance with. imagesCAZD7YLP