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The eCaddy™ Diamond was designed with today’s rapidly-changing GPS cradles in mind, and offers the most versatile way to mount GPS on a motorcycle. The cornerstone of the eCaddy™ Diamond is the NEW Ultra-Swivel feature. Ultra-Swivel gives the rider
unlimited positioning ability in not one but three ways (rotational, left-right/up-down and clockwise). So you’ll never have trouble seeing your GPS! And the Ultra-Swivel is so sleek and slim, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

The eCaddy™ Diamond fits Garmin Nuvi, Tom Tom and Magellan Maestro GPS units. The 2-hole diamond shape on the eCaddy Diamond is the perfect fit to the back of these GPS units, giving it a clean, classic look that is unmatched.

All hardware is machined aluminum and MADE IN THE USA. We even offer FREE demo videos, so you can see how easy our products are to use.

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