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The Limpnickie Lot  was at Vintage Torque Fest in Iowa this past weekend.

Very cool show, great people and lots of cool bikes and cars.

Started off the weekend with a great welcome from the event manager John. He took care of us and got us all set up on our own little strip of the event that was separate from the car show. This turned out to be awesome there was a great turnout of bikes from around the area, couldn’t imagine the amount of cool custom bikes in the Midwest. Saturday was a great day with huge crowds passed out tons of Builders Manuals and sold some T-Shirts. We ended the day and the event with a Motorcycle Drive in Theater showing some vintage Motorcycle Movies. This was a awesome end to the weekend. Sunday got all packed up and headed on the road to home. Took a little detour to the National Motorcycle Museum VERY COOL> I could have spent a good day in there but we needed to get back on the road.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Hope to see you again next year.

Torque fest 2011-7


More pictures on the next page lots of cool cars and bikes!

Torque fest 2011-8

Torque fest 2011-1

Torque fest 2011-2

Torque fest 2011-3

Torque fest 2011-4

Torque fest 2011-5

Torque fest 2011-6

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Torque fest 2011-10

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Torque fest 2011-13

National Motorcycle Museum 2011-1

National Motorcycle Museum 2011-2