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Known as “The GUY in the CrAZy hat” at ALL the events Bean’re is a staple of the Limpnickie Lot. If Bean’re is there you WILL be entertained….from being hit pretty much point blank in the back with a potato gun to breaking his thumb in a friendly relay race at BMR. He is one tough cookie!

After getting to know Bean’re over the last couple years, I must say, you will not find a nicer person than him. Always there to make ANYONE feel welcome and would give you the shirt off of his back (Not to be confused with the HAT : ), the lot would be a much duller place without him there. This man loves to ride and if it wasn’t for gas…I don’t think he would ever stop.

So STRAIGHT out of his dressing room to your computer…..

TKT Chopper Fest 2of8.jpgBeanre 2

1. Which was worse…the potato gun or BMR wreck?

The BMR wreck left me with a broken thumb that I was suppose to have surgery but I didn’t because I don’t have health insurance. Still the potato gun hurt more. It felt more like a truck hitting me. I don’t recommend that one!


2. So what’s with the hat?

I got the hat over 20 years ago. It was MY hat before I bought it. Even my friends knew it was ME when they saw it and told me about it. I tried it on and immediately knew that it was made for me so I bought it. I now even have it tattooed on me compliments of Tattoo John.

3. How did you get hooked up with the Limpnickie Lot?

I hooked up with them the first year they did the lot at the skate park in Daytona. I identified right away with everyone on the lot. It was about a lifestyle, not a brand of motorcycle. They also did everything with a passion (everything from skating and paintball and everything in between.

4. What does Bean’re do other than motorcycles?

I love snowboarding. I have boarded all over the world including Switzerland and Chile. I like horseback riding and guess my all time favorite is long walks on the beach. Where is home? I get my mail in Tennessee but I have checked it in over 7 months.

5. Boxers or Briefs?

I haven’t worn either in over 30 years. Not even when I am in a rental tux.

6. Motorcycles are obviously a huge part of your life, what is it that you love about them?

I love the freedom of feeling that I get. My mind wanders while I ride. I get inspired, I chose a life direction and I think about EVERYTHING. It also keeps me grounded. I ride because I HAVE to.

7. How long you been riding?

I got a mini bike when I was about 13. I traded some stuff for it and then got it running. It had extended forks and a tall sissy bar with a lawn mower engine. One day I was riding the neighborhood girl down the alley when I felt something wet. The oil filler plug came out and we were both covered in oil. I was hooked ever since. What is your favorite motorcycle? This can be misleading. I’d rather see someone on a Honda and RIDING it then someone on a Harley and tailoring it. I love a knuckle head but with my budget AND the amount of miles I put on (over 50,000 last year) I like my Roadking chopper. I believe that the FXR was the all around best bike Harley ever produced.

8. Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you would like to go on your bike?

I have been to Europe twice and Australia WITH my bike. I plan on going to Asia with it before I am done and Next winter I will be in Hawaii with it.

9. What is your best Limpnickie Lot memory?

That is tough. I have so many GOOD memories at EVERY Limpnickie Lot. It is the highlight of the rallies I attend where they are.

10. How do you feel about the current state of the motorcycle industry?

Just like the economy as a whole, it is a necessary condition. It weeds out the weak and those who aren’t destined for this. It is unfortunate that many suffer because of this but those are the dues that we have to pay.

11. Tell us the craziest story about Chris Callen that you can think of. ; )

Chris always surprises me with all his talents. From playing music to dirt bike riding- or should I say racing.  I wouldn’t ever underestimate him. That’s probably why I accept all his crazy antics.

12. Who inspires you?

I get inspiration from everyone I come in contact with. I love meeting people from different walks of life or trains of thought. This keeps me from getting caught up in a certain mindset. The Limpnickie guys tend to be younger than me and most of my friends growing up were older. I learn from everyone sometimes even more from those I DON’T like.

13. So personal style is important to both of us…and it has played a big part in people knowing you in this industry…where does yours come? When did it start?

My hat was the first. It was different from everything but yet it fit in with the biking world. In around 2003, I bought a purple suit and wore it to the ChopperInc, Christmas party. It was a huge success. I blew minds and that was what I wanted. Since I owned the suit, I decided to wear it a few more places. It took off and now I own one in almost every color. I did a rendition of Cheech and Chong from Up in Smoke and wore the whole costume complete with pink tutu and tassels. I’ve been doing that now quite a few times. Looking for a new angle to surprise my friends. who know what is next. 

14. What does the Limpnickie Lot represent to you?

The Future. My older friends are getting on with their lives and aren’t really changing anything, just enjoying what the have. The younger generation, most of which the Limpnickie Lot is, are being creative and passionate about motorcycles and the culture is evolving. I like being a part of the evolution baby!

15. Ricki Lake or Sally Jesse Raphael?

I have liked Ricki ever since she did Hairspray but I have asked girlfriends in the past to dawn red framed glasses.

16. When’s the last tine u cut the hair?

A hairstylist wanted to cut my hair at a party. I said I have never had a topless haircut so when she removed her top, I got a haircut. I kinda feel like I am due for another………..

17. I read on facebook you are doing the polar plunge? Are you crazy? 1st time?

When Indian Ly passed I tried to do the Polar Bear Club in Coney Island but it was really cold-lol Well some of my family members were doing this and it was for charity so I decided to take the Plunge Feb 26th. You can donate (even just a little). It is easy. Just Click the link.

18. You seem to be everywhere, how many states did you go to last year? What’s your favorite place to visit?

It was a VERY good year last year. I went back and forth coast to coast all year. I even ended up in Hawaii but my bike didn’t make it there with me. That’s ok, I had to save something for THIS year!

…Anything else you think we should know about Mr. Bean’re?

I think you should come up to me next time you see me and find out some more about me. Let’s make motorcycle history!

19. Wanna plug anyone or anything?

My po page on facebook is almost filled up so I will be operating out of my Everything Bean’re page on Facebook now. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=188177034549302&id=1805732303&ref=notif&notif_t=like#!/pages/Everything-Beanre/108501882509925