Installed the sissy bar 1/2” Cold Rolled steel

Thanks” Big John”

Mounted the sissy bar with 2 counterbore bungs


Check out the seat pan build on the next page

All of the supplies that you would need to build a seat pan.

Rubber gloves, masking tape , paint stir sticks, putty knife , pan to mix resin in, fiberglass mat, fiberglass resin. All of this can be purchased at your local hardware store. DSC05328

1” Stud with flat washer welded to it for the mount for the seat, make sure to put this in the seat pan as you are laying fiberglassDSC05346

Three layers of tape in the basic shape of what you want the seat, make sure the edges are curled up to prevent from fiberglass resin from running off the sides. DSC05352

Take the fiberglass and cut it up into pieces then crumble them up before you lay them in the resin.  Crumbling it up helps it to contour to the shape. DSC05361

Start laying down fiberglass with resin until you have at least 3 layers



Set the mount from earlier into the center of the seat pan after a few layers of the fiberglass is laid down.


This is the seat pan after 3 layers , Let it dry for at least 24 hrs


After its dry you can then pull the fiberglass molded seat pan cut and shape.

(Note” Do this outside it makes one hell of a mess)


Give us a call we can build a seat pan for you!