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2010 Cycle Source Motorcycling Man: Kevin “Teach” Baas (Baas Metal Crafts)

As a high school metal teacher, Kevin Baas, knew there was something more he could be doing “for the kids”. Remembering all the teachers that had inspired him along the way to pursue his passion in motorcycles, he started a small afterschool gig using his own money and time, to teach these kids what motorcycling was all about. Years later, his program has grown into a huge success and the kids are lined up to be apart of what he is teaching. Schools across the country use him as a model for their plans. He truly loves what he does and it reflects in all aspects,  his students, his family and his cross country rides to hang with his buds for a night! “Teach” is class act from top to bottom, and we are honored to name him Cycle Source’s 2010 Motorcycling Man of the Year!


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