Jeremy Johnson has a huge heart and it is great to see his foundation getting some love. If you are in the area , he would love to see you there!

Stone Mountain Harley Davidson is throwing their 12 Party and Hollywood’s Bike Show and all of the proceeds from this amazing event go to Cathy’s Help! Jeremy Johnson created Cathy’s Help, which is a foundation that was started to help women battling breast cancer. He started this foundation after the loss of his mother to a long fight with breast cancer. While everyone is trying to help find a cure, he wants to help the women that are struggling today. The money raised through this foundation will go to help assist individual women in any way possible (groceries, bills, transportation, co-payments, etc.). Your generous donations will help in any area that we can service these women affected by breast cancer. The foundation is supported solely by donations from people he meets at motorcycle events and shows. Every dollar that comes in goes right back to where it belongs, to the women in need. Through Muttin Cycles, he has a blog that records and posts every donation made and where the money goes. Jeremy and his foundation appreciate any help offered.


If you can’t make the event but would still like to donate, please go here