Celebrating America’s True Cultures

The year in Sturgis The Broken Spoke, Cycle Source, The Limpnickie Lot Builders and Crazy Horse Mfg. will be taking a ride across cultures to help bring attention to the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Rob Keller will be heading up a ride to the Pine Ridge Reservation to raise awareness for the Lakota people there. Each year we ride into Sturgis and pay little attention to the communities around us. The Pine Ridge Reservation is one such community and the people there are in dire straits. They face challenges from being on of the most impoverished areas in the country, water delivery issues from uranium poisoning and unemployment. While they can’t fix all of these issues at once, we fell that a good place to start is to introduce our people to their people.

So on August 13th The Limpnickie Lot would like to invite everyone to ride along with them as we take a tour to visit that Oglala Lakota nation at the pine ridge reservation. This 150 mile road trip from the Broken Spoke Campground at Sturgis County Line will take us on a true ride through the history of their people. We will go through Wounded Knee, the Bad Lands and finally end up on Pine Ridge for an afternoon of fun with the Kids from the reservation. There will be a ride in chopper show that will be judged by the natives. While the judging is taking place, The Lot will host a softball with the kids from the Pine Ridge Boys and Girls Club and also enjoy a good old-fashioned cookout.

So come and join us! The ride will leave the Broken Spoke Campground on 79 North at 10 AM and everyone is welcome spend some time with Generation X as we bring bike week to a small a community that will really appreciate our attention. If you have ever been one of our rides, you already know what to expect. If not, don’t miss this opportunity to hang with the crew and see what they do best! That’s entertainment.