The Limpnickie Lot Builder Manual is back and bigger than ever.


Last year the builders from the Limpnickie Lot launched their first ever, direct to consumer parts catalogue; the Builder Manual. At 68 pages it was filled with great parts and services from small American Manufacturers and was received with great accolades from the industry and home garage builders. For 2010, the Builder Manual is back for a second year and is now at 100 pages. After picking up new builders and really catching a groove on this type of catalogue, it’s turning into a great piece.



To launch the 2010  Builder Manual the Limpnickie Lot Builders will be setting up another booth at the annual Cincinnati V-Twin expo where they will display parts from the catalogue and pass out copies for the first time for the year. Unlike last year’s booth, that featured a concrete jungle theme, this year it’s all about what they build. In the 10x 20 booth titled “The Limpnickie Garage” attendees will get the vibe of what life is like in any of the Limpnickie Builder’s shops. A complete working shop, bike in the middle of being built and of course, parts waiting for a new home all over 40 feet of work bench and pegboard.

Limpy Logo2

Stop by and see them at booth #2817 and pick up your copy of the Limpnickie Builder Manual!