stupid-grits-ad There has been lots of breeding going on in the Nash handlebar lab and a new creation has come out of the lab. Now introducing the Stupid Grits! Smart Gimps and Grit Hanger genetics were messed together and out came the Stupid Grit, must have been a recessive gene. These grits go off the same shape and feel you get with our traditional grit hangers but they have rounded corners like an original ape hanger. The slight sexy bend in the bars give you that look you can’t get from any other handlebar. The new stupid grits come in sizes 10-20 inches with 33” grip to grip, 5” pullback, and an 11” base. Please call or email with any additional questions. If you’re ordering one of our sticky throttles, we can cut and prep your bars so they’re ready and the throttle is in when you get them as an additional option. Feel free to call us with any questions. Your pals at NMC!