bo1 You’re damn right there is with Billy Lane and Paul Cox in a head-to-head burnout… Leading 500 riders with 40,000 horsepower and 45,000 foot pounds of RAW torque, shredding the asphalt at Sturgis County Line.

s&s-logo Motorcycle history will be made at the Broken Spoke Sturgis County Line this year as hundreds of motorcycles light ‘em up for the S&S Sturgis Smokeout sponsored by Cycle Source Magazine!

The same historic location that has given us the first ever biker swimming pool, great events like the Michael Lichter ride, the Limpnickie Lot and the Cycle Source Night Time Chopper Show is bringing a new happening to the table for this year. As cameras roll, both in the sky overhead and on the ground, shotguns will be raised to launch hundreds of motorcycles in the largest consecutive two minute burnout in history.

Spectators will witness up to 40,000 horsepower and 45,000 foot pounds of RAW torque shred into the asphalt simultaneously at the pull of a trigger!!!!!!!!!! A raw power demonstration that will shake the very ground beneath it and blot out the sun with its smoke. Never before has anyone gathered bikers together for an event of this magnitude and the goal for the Spoke is to register seismic activity in The Black Hills on the Richter scale, officially making them the epicenter of the motorcycle universe.

Staging begins at 2 PM to get ready for the shotgun start, so if you will list yourself as a willing participant, be there early and get signed in with officials that will keep the count. There’s no need to burn your tire off to take part in this happening. This is only meant to be 120 seconds of magic that will get each rider’s name inscribed on the official plaque that will be featured inside the County Line, next to a giant photo of the event, for everyone who ever comes to Sturgis to see. Join Billy Lane on his 1938 Harley-Davidson and Paul Cox on his Laconia Build-Off winner for this historic event. For more information go to