Photo taken by Marilyn Stemp. Thank you!!!!!

A Traveling Report from Wildman

The Big Mountain Run is on!! About ten of us pulled out of Pittsburgh on Tuesday morning, heading to Steve Garn’s -aka Brew Dude- house as he had cleared a path for our tents and had some killer grub waiting for us to show. Well that cat save our asses as we hit some of the most radical tornado like weather. Steve and his awesome family hooked us up as we were soaked to the bone. The rain didn’t slow up so Brew’s house became the Scooter Tramp campsite, sleeping anywhere we could around the house.Thanks for the awesome hospitality!


The next morning, skies cleared , we headed out to meet everyone at Tilly’s Harley Davidson in Statesville, NC for the The Gypsy Ride to The Big Mountain. To my amazement around 50 bikes showed up, by the time we pulled out another 15 bikes joined the pack. We also hooked up with Rogue and Roadside Marty, it’s always cool to see them.The whole ride was planned for you to come and go as you please but I was stoked for the first leg up to the Wheels Through Time Museum everyone stayed in the pack. It was f**king awesome! Through out the ride to the Museum , we dealt with rain off and on and by the time we got there the skies opened up once again.

jackbike Dale and his son Matt are such cool cats. If you are ever up in the area , stop by and be ready to be amazed. They have a arsenal of killer bikes on display, I am not going to give too much shit here, you’ll have to read about it in the magazine. I will say that we did enjoy the 49 Panhead Jack Pine sidecar racer climbs up the side of the mountain.

Well we were supposed to camp at a campsite in Maggie Valley but the weather wouldn’t let up. So we camped at the Museum and awoke to breakfast by Dale and Matt. You guys kick ass!

treeofsh2 A few riders chose to break away but we ran into them quite often throughout the ride to the Dragon. Route 19 and 28 views were insane.

We all stopped and pay respect at the Tree of Shame. It’s a shrine to fallen riders that didn’t slay the Dragon. It contain pieces of the bikes with the name and dates of  each rider.

tail of the dragon - tree of shame - motorcycle wrecks accidentOn our ride over the Dragon , we  chose to do it in small packs of bikes , which worked out well. We dealt with rain off and on, which helped keep the speeds down. Only one rider, Frisco, had a mishap, he is ok, bike not so much. He was riding with Duke and Amy, did a 70 foot slide and donated some parts to the tree.

We hauled ass across The Cherohala Skyway, down the 315 and ended at the Hiwassee Outfitters Campground that night. The place was jumping! Vendors were set up, the beer tent is flowing and we are enjoying every minute! Today the party begins! Thanks, Chris